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Can Austin's Live Music Scene Weather the Heat? 

As Austin faces record-breaking temperatures, its legendary outdoor music venues are at a crossroads. The city, known for its vibrant live music, must adapt to increasing heat waves that have made outdoor concerts nearly unbearable at times. Last summer was particularly harsh, pushing venues and festival organizers to rethink their setups. Some are considering more indoor spaces, while others enhance existing venues with cooling systems and shaded areas to combat the heat. This necessity for adaptation…

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A Solemn Pause for Austin's Melodic Summer Tradition: Blues on the Green 

Austin's soul-stirring summer tradition, Blues on the Green (BOTG), has hit an unexpected and somber note. For over three decades, the lush expanse of Zilker Park has resonated with the chords of this iconic free music event, from its modest inception at the Arboretum to the massive gatherings that became a hallmark of the local music scene. BOTG has been more than just a concert series; it's been a testament to the communal spirit of Austin—a place where families, friends, and music aficionados could lay…

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